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  • Streaming Picks: Valentine’s Day 2018

    Valentine’s Day (or Single Awareness Day, depending on your relationship status) is one of those holidays that can either be a big deal between couples or an annoying reminder for the single. But in the modern day, one popular way… Read More ›

  • Great TV: Mystery Science Theater 3000

    Although this is primarily a movie site, television is also written about here, mostly because the lines between TV and film have become increasingly blurred over the years. Just as the series of articles on Great TV is a section… Read More ›

  • Cult Classics: Jesus’ Son

    Over the course of a lifetime, you may often find yourself in the company of a strange coterie of people—weird frenemies and loose associates you don’t fully trust but often rely on for one thing or another. More so, your… Read More ›

  • Perfect Directors: David Cronenberg

    Cerebral, dark, oddly humorous, and obsessed with the inextricable relationship between the body and the psyche, David Cronenberg’s work is difficult to describe. Is he a sci-fi director obsessed with body horror? A dramatist that uses horror as a way… Read More ›

  • Awesome Garbage: Mac and Me

    True story: I saw Mac and Me in theaters when I was 6 years old. I was visiting my grandparents in Virginia Beach and spending the day with my grandma, mom, and sisters, and since everything else out in the… Read More ›

  • 10 Radical 90’s Movies That Captured The Decade

    O 1990’s America, where art thou? This fantastic decade–the last of the American Century that seemed to find the country at the height of its powers economically, socially, and politically–can easily be considered a high watermark in American history. With… Read More ›