Cult Classics: Better Off Dead

Lane Meyer wishes he were dead. He tries over and over – self-immolation, carbon monoxide poisoning, jumping from a bridge, even hanging. But like most things in his life, it never quite goes his way. Did I mention this is a major plot point in an 80’s teen comedy? Better Off Dead isn’t just another […]

Cult Classics: UHF

Who doesn’t love Weird Al? I know I do: the first record I ever independently bought was In 3-D in 1988 from a flea market when I was 6. I’ve lost a lot of great vinyl albums over the years due to either lending them out or as break-up casualties, but there is no vinyl […]

Perfect Movies: Monkey Business

There was no more perfect comedy configuration on film than the Marx Brothers. I have had some dark days (and wow, who hasn’t?) and despite hardships or emotional upset, I can turn on a Marx Brothers movie and it lifts my soul completely for at least a short while – and hopefully for a while […]

Perfect Strangers – “The Lottery”

Sometimes the world looks perfect, nothing to rearrange; sometimes you just get a feeling like you need some kind of change. Well, standing tall on the wings of my dreams (whatever that’s supposed to mean), Perfect Strangers became the anchor show for TGIF in 1988 in its fourth season on television, joining the insipid Full […]

Video Stores: Shared Spaces & Experiences

Let’s hop into the mental time machine and travel back before the internet became so omniscient nobody ever had to leave the house or directly interact with another human being ever again.  Unless I have a readership comprised of kids on other kid’s shoulders wearing a trenchcoat and sunglasses going by the name Mann Adultguy, […]

15 Gruesomely Gritty Extreme Horror Films

Horror movies are renowned for being filled with acts of bloody murder, gory special effects, and disturbing stories. But even within this genre is a subgenre that goes further than the average horror film. Loosely connected under the label “extreme horror,” these films are unbelievably violent and explicit, often teetering on – if not actually […]

TGIF Revisited: Dinosaurs – “A New Leaf”

As has been mentioned on this blog and in many other places, the 1990s was a weird time for television. Thanks to the booming economy in America, money was shooting out of everyone’s ears and more money was thrown at ideas that could potentially make even more money. This resulted in insane TV shows like […]

10 Beloved 1980s Films That Suck

Film culture from the 1980s is now known for perfecting the blockbuster, creating the teen movie, and churning out tons of (somewhat inappropriate) films for kids. And a lot of movies from this decade have gone on to become true classics: Back to the Future, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Ghostbusters, and many more. But not […]

The Unstoppable Horror of the 21st Century

Originally published on September 11, 2019 For readers of this site, I have written extensively on the horror genre. While mostly in a humorous manner, live-recapping horror films as I watched them, I have a sincere appreciation of the genre. Mostly because it delves into subject matter that we consciously, and perhaps forcefully, push out […]

Tourist Trap

Bibbidi-bobbidi-BOO! It’s another horror movie recap and live review. I’m going in blind, so buckle up, chuckle nuts: It’s 1979’s Tourist Trap. Ancient-sounding music begins and it’s right to the goddamn point by rolling credits immediately. Maybe it thinks it’s a Woody Allen movie, because the credits are black and white typeface adorned by old […]

Sleepaway Camp

I never went to camp as a kid. Growing up in Missouri, there was plenty of available open space and fresh air right where I lived, and besides that, my folks were never the type to want to ship their kids off for extended periods (also, I was a real sweety pie). After watching Sleepaway […]

Perfect Movies: The Big Lebowski

The Dude abides. But how? With the Gulf War raging in the background and as the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune–mostly concerning a soiled rug that really tied the room together that escalates into a wild series of improbable events–fall about him, The Dude, bleary-eyed as always,  maintains an inner calm. Everyone else around […]

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