Awesome Garbage


In the annuls of pop culture history, many ill-conceived notions have not only crossed studio and TV executives’ minds but have been fully produced and released for public consumption. What’s produced from these half-baked ideas are something I like to call “awesome garbage”–films and television shows so terrible and poorly made that it almost boggles the mind that hundreds of people came together–actors, writers, tech crews, and investors–and thought to themselves, “why the hell not?”

These are the truly terrible but fascinating properties that pop culture has produced: the Howard the Ducks and Supertrains of the world, products from eras where either a studio was very desperate, or else the market was so lucrative, that any old piece of shit slapped together to fill an hour of television or sucker a few people into buying tickets to the theater was made with the blessing of people with far too much power and money at their disposal to make it happen.

So these articles focus on the Awesome Garbage that was produced in the past: from TV shows to movies and back again, any awful cultural byproduct will do, so long as it was spectacularly awesome in its garbage aesthetic.

Garbage_70s_banner10 Garbage TV Shows From The 70’s

The 1970’s was the hangover decade from the 1960’s in America: the groovy aesthetics and drug-fueled sensibilities were still present but had become somewhat mainstream and bland by this decade. As a result, American television…

garbage_shows_80s_banner_110 Garbage TV Shows From The 80’s

Listen: television is a cesspool. You know, I know it, hell even TV knows it. Instead of the respect, promotion, and (especially) money that gets pumped into creating films, television has traditionally been the ghetto…


10 More Garbage TV Shows From The 80’s

Television knows how to make great TV…now. Before the present day, however, TV was considered a second-class form of entertainment that beginners and has-beens would work in. But considering how much money was being pumped into TV,  and how much…


Awesome Garbage: Cool as Ice

At one point in the history of America–specifically the beautiful, stupid early 90s–there was an awkward transition in pop culture when rap music was something on the verge of being a legitimate genre and something entertainers aped to seem hip…

Awesome Garbage: Mac and Me

True story: I saw Mac and Me in theaters when I was 6 years old. I was visiting my grandparents in Virginia Beach and spending the day with my grandma, mom, and sisters, and since everything else out in the…