You Only Live Twice

Once more unto the breach! And Sean Connery’s second-to-last turn as Bond (third-to-last, if you count the offshoot, non-canonical Never Say Never Again, which nearly nobody does). The James Bond theme music starts, but it sounds a little tinny; I’ve… Read More ›

Dr. No

Right into a swingin’ take on the classic theme, with the iconic “barrel of a gun that tracks Bond, but blammo! Take that, barrel!” opening. We get nifty-looking typography that lets us know (hah) that this is Ian Fleming’s Dr…. Read More ›

Night of the Demons

Roar roar goes the MGM lion, and with a synth-laden power theme, the animated credits begin. I’m thinking of doing some aerobics while this nifty little tune plays, and Flash animation ghouls and goblins float into the title card: With… Read More ›

The Final Terror

It’s never a good sign when the first frame of a movie starts off with an apology. This one comes from the studio handling the re-release, which states that all of the original film elements for The Final Terror are… Read More ›


OK, so the film begins by panning down from the opening credit moon to a square-looking grocery store (not one of those hip ones that are all the rage these days). Inside the store, we cruise the aisles via shopping… Read More ›