BOOM! RIGHT INTO THE CREDITS with a low, weird organ on the soundtrack, a wild musical sting appears as the title zooms up to the screen: Na na na na na na na, Madman! The credits scroll quickly on the… Read More ›


In the annuls of classic horror movies, there are thousands of b-movie also-rans that never reached the heights of Sleepaway Camp or the Halloween series, and this is one of them. With the success of Halloween in 1978, the American horror market had a glut of… Read More ›


OK: Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman. I had my boy Sherman set the Wayback Machine to 1992. He was promptly hacked to death by Michael Myers as we flew past Halloween H20, but I arrived safely for my viewing of… Read More ›

Pet Sematary Two

First off: I’m not trying to start a trend on this blog by doing two Stephen King (ish) movies in a row that center around pet horror; I favorited about forty horror movies that are available On Demand for this… Read More ›

Cat’s Eye

(AKA “That Movie Whose VHS Artwork You Always Noticed When You Went to the Video Store and Assumed That Little Monster On The Cover Was the Main Villain of the Movie”) Stephen King is the American master of horror whose… Read More ›