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Cult Classics: Cabin Boy

Chris Elliott’s comedic schtick is not for everybody. Having first launched his career as a writer and performer on David Letterman’s old late night show in the 80’s as an absurdist figure who would do bits playing odd characters with… Read More ›

Cult Classics: Wild Palms

The early 90’s was a watershed moment in American culture: the alternative was quickly becoming mainstream, and with it large corporate interests were starting to wonder if there wasn’t something to the weirder side of music and film that couldn’t… Read More ›

Cult Classics: Grindhouse

The lurid exploitation films of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s gave cheap thrills to filmgoing audiences looking to make out in the back seats of the theater or their cars, see a few gross kill-shots and grungy effects, or else… Read More ›