Totally 80’s: Sitcoms!

Ahh, 1980’s sitcoms. One of the more comforting pop culture artifacts to a nostalgic mind, there were never cozier worlds built in fiction than the ½ hour laugh track-driven situation comedies of that decade. Featuring near-perfect families who lived in… Read More ›

Totally 80’s: Villains!

What would a movie be without an antagonist? The counterpoint to our hero, villains exist in fiction to provide urgency to our main character’s quest and largely sets the plot in motion. After all, where would Daniel-son be without Cobra… Read More ›

Introduction: Totally 80’s!

Flashy, shiny, commercial, and money-driven, the 1980’s in America is now viewed through a powerful nostalgic lens by generations who either lived in, were born in, or now look wistfully back at this decade as a representation of Post-World War… Read More ›