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  • Great TV: Frasier

    ♪♫♬Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin’, tossed salad and scrambled eggs ♪♫♬. But of course everyone that’s seen Frasier would recognize this familiar line, which plays over the closing credits and is sung by star Kelsey Grammer. But the… Read More ›

  • Perfect Movies: A River Runs Through It

    Writer Norman Maclean published the short story collection A River Runs Through It in 1976 at age 74. Comprised of three long “short stories,” including the eponymous novella “A River Runs Through It,” it’s a minor American classic, filled with… Read More ›

  • 10 More Garbage TV Shows From The 80’s

    Television knows how to make great TV…now. Before the present day, however, TV was considered a second-class form of entertainment that beginners and has-beens would work in. But considering how much money was being pumped into TV,  and how much… Read More ›

  • Perfect Movies: Paris, Texas

    Movies are brilliant constructions of image, sound, and dialogue. Although this seems to be a reductive analysis of what comprises a movie, it’s meant to be a boast of the complexity of the art form in general. That they live… Read More ›

  • Great TV: The Riches

    Listen: not every show makes it full cycle. Some shows fizzle out: it’s just what happens in the high turnover business of television. One day you’re the critical darling among a crowded slate and the next you’re cancelled after 13… Read More ›

  • Best New To Streaming September 2017

    Every month, streaming services add new films to their roster, but not all of them are worth watching. After all, film studios churn out a great amount of films every week, month, and year that passes, and why waste time… Read More ›

  • Perfect Directors: Lindsay Anderson

    Some directors don’t need a long filmography to secure their status as a perfect director. In fact, as it’s been demonstrated from the filmographies of Jacques Tati and Terrence Malick, respectively, sometimes the fewer films a director makes the better… Read More ›