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  • 10 More Garbage TV Shows From The 80’s

    Television knows how to make great TV…now. Before the present day, however, TV was considered a second-class form of entertainment that beginners and has-beens would work in. But considering how much money was being pumped into TV,  and how much… Read More ›

  • Perfect Movies: Paris, Texas

    Movies are brilliant constructions of image, sound, and dialogue. Although this seems to be a reductive analysis of what comprises a movie, it’s meant to be a boast of the complexity of the art form in general. That they live… Read More ›

  • Great TV: The Riches

    Listen: not every show makes it full cycle. Some shows fizzle out: it’s just what happens in the high turnover business of television. One day you’re the critical darling among a crowded slate and the next you’re cancelled after 13… Read More ›

  • Best New To Streaming September 2017

    Every month, streaming services add new films to their roster, but not all of them are worth watching. After all, film studios churn out a great amount of films every week, month, and year that passes, and why waste time… Read More ›

  • Perfect Directors: Lindsay Anderson

    Some directors don’t need a long filmography to secure their status as a perfect director. In fact, as it’s been demonstrated from the filmographies of Jacques Tati and Terrence Malick, respectively, sometimes the fewer films a director makes the better… Read More ›

  • Best Of Streaming August 2017

    There are so many titles available on streaming services that sometimes you just give up after scrolling endlessly through options. So here at Me Like Movies, we go through what’s available on the Big Three (Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime)… Read More ›

  • Perfect Movies: The Godfather: Part II

    Crime–specifically gangster–movies have come a long way since the early days of cinema. From early lurid crime pictures like Howard Hughes’ pre-Hays Code Scarface in 1932 that was heavily edited to avoid glorifying the gangster lifestyle, to the 1983 version… Read More ›