Perfect Movies: Introduction

If any of you have read any of my previous entries, you may have already sussed that I am a media junkie: TV shows, movies, commercials, and the general ephemeral bits that bob in time’s wake and the ever-widening cultural river—these are the things of which I am a fan.

I’ve decided to embark on a new project–one that may not be as “funny” (humor being subjective, and my own ability to be funny doubly so) as the previous focus of this site, but to instead investigate with a hard critical and analytical eye towards the films that I love so much:  films that I consider “perfect” for one reason or another.

The films that I consider perfect, of course–like in any critical enterprise–is completely subjective: what I suggest by the term “perfect” are films that accomplish what they set out to achieve in spectacular fashion. This project will cover dramas, comedies, classic films, and everything in-between. What I’ll be doing in these upcoming articles is arguing why these movies are “perfect” to me.

What I may find perfect in a film, of course, may be very different from you: after all, we all live in such radically different states of social, economic, and cultural states that no  work of art could be considered “perfect,” as the concept of what is “ideal” is one connected to its time and place–and to a  person. I’m just trying to calls ’em like I sees ’em coming from where I am coming from: as a white, middle-class Gen-Y American. So keep that grain of salt on your shoulder and blow if off for luck. What?

For a more humorous approach to film criticism and culture, just click on these links and ye shall be rewarded with 50+ meticulously, live-written recaps of various TGIF shows, the entire James Bond Franchisea bunch of horror films, and most recently Awesome Garbage. But I play it straight in this series: straightforward film criticism aimed to persuade the reader to further discover and investigate these films.

So read on, won’t you?  There’s also a Perfect Directors series of articles on this site. Anyway. Thanks for being here and reading these words right now! Stick around, kiddo. Lots of crazy shit on this site to find and read about. Facts.



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